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"You only realize how much you love somebody when one day they dont love you back."

- Luka Magnotta (via doughdeer)

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"I want all my secrets back"

- six word story (via guy)

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No one ever saw the side of you
that shattered my soul
and ripped open my heart

You taught me to shrink and contort myself
into someone worthy of your love
You placed me in a box so small
I could barely breathe without you
reminding me to do so

You held onto my strings so tight
as you pushed and pulled
until I began to fall apart

With your harsh words
you drove me to cut myself open
and allow you to crawl under my skin

Now that I’ve drained the power
you once held over me
Im allowing the sunshine and laughter
to seep into my veins
and fill me back up.



I finally realise that I deserve better 

S.E.R    29th of September 11:46pm


Body comparative #41 (1,2)

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